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Fortuna’s MBA Edge Step 4 – GPA and GMAT / GRE


So you think your undergraduate GPA is set in stone? Think again! For students who majored in the humanities and may not have had a strong quantitative exposure, or for students who have lower grades in quant classes on their college transcripts, our advice is simple – TAKE A CLASS! Courses are available at local […]

Fortuna’s MBA Edge Step 3 – Ideal Timing (Round 1 vs. 2)


There is much discussion about which round of applications is most advantageous for applicants, An ideal rule of thumb is to apply when you are ready. It is important though to keep in mind the obvious math – Round 1 has all of the spots available (beyond a handful of deferrals), Round 2 has fewer […]

Fortuna’s MBA Edge Step 2 – Rankings and priorities


While it is tempting to strictly go by the MBA rankings of top business schools in deciding where you would like to apply, it is important to recognize that they each use different criteria. – For the FT MBA ranking, MBA salaries three years after graduation account for 40% of the overall score; – BusinessWeek […]

Fortuna’s MBA Edge Step 1 – Researching Schools, and the importance of doing your homework


The MBA application is one of the most contemplated, over-analyzed, and anxiety-inducing things in the life of young business professionals around the world. The intensity of preparation and calculation varies from region to region, but the message remains the same: Do your homework. There is no substitute for the careful research and preparation that comes with […]

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