Common Mistakes in MBA Etiquette & Top 5 Tips for Written Communications

September 28, 2018 | by Fortuna

When you’re busy with a million urgent details, a person can get hurried (especially pecking out a late-night thank you from your iPhone).

But your attention to detail – particularly in written communications with alumni, student ambassadors and anyone else connected with the MBA admissions process – can help, or seriously harm, your chances.

“It’s become a reality that the level of polish demanded by the MBA admissions runs counter to the rapid-fire, reflexively casual communications fueled by our ubiquitously plugged-in lives,” writes Fortuna’s Brittany Maschal in her recent article for Poets&Quants, MBA Etiquette for Written Communications.

“This is for the business school hopefuls who initiate emails with ‘hey,’ and the many others out there who have veered into overly familiar territory,” says Brittany. “My sincere intent is to be supportive, not shaming. I would be mortified if I found out you addressed anyone else related to your business school process in that way.”

Don’t miss Brittany’s sage insights, which includes five top tops to keep on your radar.

Fortuna Admissions’ Brittany Maschal is an Expert Coach and a former member of admissions teams at Wharton, Princeton & Johns Hopkins.

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