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Fortuna clients enter the schools of their dreams. Last year, our clients secured admission to all top 10 schools. Just like the year before. And, the year before that. And the year before that. Not only are they gaining admission, they are winning fellowships and scholarships.
Plus, Fortuna scores five out of five stars in our reviews on GMAT Club Forum and Poets & Quants.


HBS '26


"I decided to work with an MBA admissions coach 12 weeks before the HBS Round 1 application deadline. From the first minute of my 1.5h application kick-off call with Fortuna’s HBS expert, I felt that she shared my desire to win. She clearly considered my application her Full-Time job. Thanks to her excellent essay editing skills and her continuous availability, we managed to come up with a picture-perfect essay in less than four weeks. She shared extremely valuable HBS insider tips that no one else (e.g. HBS alumni) would provide me. Working with my Fortuna coach – who knows HBS inside out – really made the difference. Five months after I started working with Fortuna, I can call myself a proud HBS admit, and I don’t know how I would have done without Fortuna’s help."

Admitted to: Harvard Business School


Stanford GSB '23

mba admit

"Fortuna was absolutely integral to my success at getting into Stanford GSB. My Fortuna coach guided my MBA process from start to finish, be it in big picture thinking about the best way to frame my story to the nuts and bolts of the application itself. My coach and her team’s experience in the actual MBA admissions offices were invaluable and definitely helped me feel confident I had an insider’s view into how the process works and what traits to highlight at each school to which I applied. My coach is also a generally lovely person, and I always looked forward to our phone calls. Thank you, Fortuna!"

Admitted to: Stanford GSB


MIT Sloan '24

mba review

"I knew that I was going to apply Round 1 and that I would be on the younger side if accepted by the schools I wanted to get into. So I did my extensive research and chatted with 6 different consulting agencies before finally choosing Fortuna. What really set Fortuna apart from the other agencies is the level of care and detail that went into helping me craft my story. I come from a traditional consulting background but I was looking to make a career pivot with my MBA to go into something a lot more untraditional. My coach spent hours on the phone with me really dissecting why and how I came to the conclusion that business school is the right move at this stage of my career. Throughout the process, my coach was extremely responsive and provided strong feedback on my essays, resume, video interviews, in person interviews, recommender selection etc. Along every step of the process it became very obvious how experienced and knowledgeable she was with this entire MBA process. And because we started very early in the year, the pace was very manageable and at no time was I overwhelmed or stressed out. Ultimately I was admitted to two schools and waitlisted for my third! All top 10 programs! I'm thrilled and could not have done this without the expertise of Fortuna."

Admitted to: MIT Sloan and Yale SOM


LBS '21

mba consultant review

"I had a great experience with the Fortuna team – I got into my top choice program and received an almost full fellowship at another M7 school. In my experience, Fortuna’s greatest strength is that they have consultants who have worked for the admissions teams of many of the top schools. As a result, there was always someone available to answer my school-specific questions in a very insightful way. Everyone I interacted with at Fortuna was professional, helpful, and reliable. My coach specifically was amazing! She did a great job perfecting my “story," coaching my recommenders, and helping me understand and articulate my goals. She seemed to know more about my story than I did and she had great ideas and edits for all my essays. My coach was very good at constructive criticism – we rewrote my HBS essay probably 50 times. She was easy to communicate with (despite being in different, and constantly changing, time zones) – she always responded within a day and scheduled meetings whenever I asked. My applications were a million times better than they would have been without Fortuna. Highly recommend!"

Admitted to: London Business School and Columbia Business School with scholarship


LBS '21

mba consultant review

"I enrolled with Fortuna admissions to help with my applications for INSEAD and LBS. I found their consulting service very professional and organized. My assigned coach worked with me on my applications over a period of 3 months. She was especially approachable and is a very passionate individual. She made it very easy for me to work with her, allowing flexible timings for our meetings and with a quick response time. She was very persistent in getting the best efforts out of me in terms of the right stories and in organizing and structuring the content for essays to suit the admission criteria of the school. My coach gave very honest feedback on the application and was in full control of all the aspects from resume to interview prep. Yet another positive aspect is that she went the extra mile to pull out information and reference materials that helped with the application. Overall I am very pleased with the coaching provided to me and with the services of Fortuna Consulting."

Admitted to: London Business School


UCLA Anderson '21

mba student

"It has been a great experience working with Fortuna! With their help along the way, I got into my dream school with a GMAT that is 20 points below the average. My coach was always very professional and went beyond her way to help me during the application process. During the six month process, we had regular communication about my concerns, rewrote my essays countless times and discussed what the best strategy was in certain situations during the process. As an ex-admission officer herself, my coach had tremendous insight into the schools that I applied to and was always willing to share these. Big thanks to Fortuna Admissions!"

Admitted to: USC Marshall and UCLA Anderson



mba student

"I decided to work with an admissions consultant because I wanted to be fully informed about the admissions process, and I only wanted to go through it once. I worked with Fortuna for eight months in what I found to be a very personalized process. From the start, Fortuna helped me prioritize the correct activities, which gave me confidence knowing that I was making the best use of my time. I also really appreciated how responsive Fortuna was, particularly closer to deadlines: they answered my questions almost immediately, returned edited documents within only a few hours (and sometimes even overnight), and I could schedule calls within 24h and at my preferred times."

Admitted to: INSEAD




"Without ever doing the work in my place, Fortuna pushed me to do my best. They really helped me synthesize my achievements, and choose which ones to present to best serve my stated goals. As I knew nobody among my friends, relatives or even acquaintances who had already applied to an MBA, working with Fortuna also helped me understand the hidden rules of this universe. It was also great to count on them for proofreading, as a non-native English speaker. Finally, I appreciated the "team spirit," timeline, feedback and encouragement. The storytelling work that Fortuna helped me perform was also useful to me later for job applications."

Admitted to: INSEAD
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