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Fortuna clients enter the schools of their dreams. Last year, our clients secured admission to all top 10 schools. Just like the year before. And, the year before that. And the year before that. Not only are they gaining admission, they are winning fellowships and scholarships.
Plus, Fortuna scores five out of five stars in our reviews on GMAT Club Forum and Poets & Quants.


Stanford GSB '18


"After working with Malvina and Judith over several months, I can definitely say that Fortuna shines in the following two regards: 1) Approachability – In order to get the best essays out of you, you have to feel comfortable bouncing ideas back and forth with your counselors. I had a million questions regarding my applications, essays and interviews, and never had any qualms about emailing or setting up a skype call with either of my coaches. They were prompt and gave me useful, direct advice based on their years of experience. 2) Interview prep – Fortuna not only gave me access to dozens of school-specific interview questions but also connected me with alumni and a prior admissions officer to schedule multiple practice interviews. As someone with little to no connection to any of my target schools, this access was invaluable."

Admitted to: Stanford GSB and Wharton


Columbia '18


"Working with Fortuna was one of the best decisions I made in my MBA process. From their detailed knowledge of the MBA process to their thoughtful approach to helping me convey my life goals and vision to schools, they helped me at every step of the way. Not only am I going next year to my dream school, but I got a full scholarship in the process."

Admitted to: Wharton, Kellogg and Columbia


Wharton, '19


"My Fortuna coach assisted me in preparing my applications to the Booth and Wharton - Lauder MBA programs. This is my first time applying and I only applied to a selected few M7 schools, hence I was quite stressed out during the process. My coach provided me with candid feedback on my strengths and weaknesses as an applicant and clear strategies to tailor my applications to the schools. She gave me specific suggestions on how to draft cohesive storylines, and always pushed me to sharpen my messages. Thanks to Fortuna’s assistance, and some luck of course, I have been admitted into both programs. I am excited to start a new chapter of my life!"

Admitted to: Wharton and Chicago Booth


Stanford GSB '19


"From start to finish, my Fortuna coach was a great sounding board, helping me think about how to structure the thoughts and messages I wanted to put across within my applications. She was always readily available and really proactive in checking in on my progress. Her feedback was almost immediate and working with her felt like a very personalized experience. I felt she knew me inside out by the time applications were due and will always be thankful for her guidance and suggestions - no stone left unturned!"

Admitted to: Stanford GSB


Wharton, HBS '18


"I can't express enough thanks to my Fortuna coach who worked with me both on positioning my story from the plethora of others with good scores/brand name firms and the minutiae of my essays (29 drafts in total across 3 schools!), as well as my resume and outlines to guide my recommenders. She was able to add a layer of structure, experience and project management to an otherwise intricate and idiosyncratic process. The entire Fortuna team has my gratitude and full endorsement."

Admitted to: Wharton and Harvard Business School




"Because Fortuna has years of experience on both sides of the admissions process (both as admissions consultants and admissions gatekeepers), they really know how to get the best out of you. For example, while I did not have a ton of international experience prior to applying, Fortuna helped me successfully emphasize the things that were most relevant to the INSEAD admissions team. The Fortuna team know INSEAD better than anyone, and I am forever thankful for their guidance over the past year."

Admitted to: INSEAD


Kellogg '19


"I really cannot thank Fortuna enough for helping me get into a top school. I was a prospective student with a low GMAT score initially. After starting to work with Fortuna, I ended up delaying my application. This was because we decided I needed to get my GMAT score up in order to apply and get accepted into a top school. They could've pushed me to just apply the first time around because it was easier, but they guided me toward the longer, harder road. Because I delayed and restarted my application the next year, they essentially worked with me twice. They were so supportive the entire time and really pushed me to get my story straight. Each of our sessions was like a therapy session to dig deeper and bring out my true story."

Admitted to: Kellogg


LBS '19


"Having gone through the application process unsuccessfully the previous year I am able to especially appreciate the constant support and guidance that I have received from Fortuna throughout my application journey this year. Looking back, I do not think I could have asked for a better guide. Going to business school is a significant investment of time and money and is probably one of the most important decisions I have made. I am glad to have had Catherine's advice, encouragement and support during this journey and could not recommend her and Fortuna highly enough"

Admitted to: Dartmouth Tuck, London Business School
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