Our expertise is second to none.
Our clients think so too.

Fortuna clients enter the schools of their dreams. Last year, our clients secured admission to all top 10 schools. Just like the year before. And, the year before that. And the year before that. Not only are they gaining admission, they are winning fellowships and scholarships.
Plus, Fortuna scores five out of five stars in our reviews on GMAT Club Forum (more than 135, and counting).




"Without ever doing the work in my place, Fortuna pushed me to do my best. They really helped me synthesize my achievements, and choose which ones to present to best serve my stated goals. As I knew nobody among my friends, relatives or even acquaintances who had already applied to an MBA, working with Fortuna also helped me understand the hidden rules of this universe. It was also great to count on them for proofreading, as a non-native English speaker. Finally, I appreciated the "team spirit," timeline, feedback and encouragement. The storytelling work that Fortuna helped me perform was also useful to me later for job applications."

Admitted to: INSEAD

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