How to Ace the MBA Interview

June 16, 2014 | by Matt Symonds

Former Harvard Business School Assistant Director, Malvina Complainville, one of our expert coaches at Fortuna Admissions was interviewed this week by the Financial Times to talk about the growing importance of the interview in the MBA admission process.

The wide variety of interview options at the leading business schools now includes an application based interview at HBS, a behavioural interview at Stanford, a video interview at Kellogg, Yale or Rotman, and a team-based interview at Wharton and Michigan Ross.

Malvina looks at the three question types that might prove difficult and how best to handle them. She also offers advice to provide more structured answers and get to the point where you are not looking for your words during the interview.

“There is a misconception that business schools are looking for the perfect candidate and that therefore during your interview you need to be perfect. That’s actually not true, they are looking for candidates who have the right fit for their school and that’s really what you are trying to show.”

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