LBS, INSEAD & HEC Paris: Inside the MBA Admissions Essay Masterclass 4

August 22, 2020 | by Matt Symonds

If you missed our MBA Admissions Essay Masterclass featuring London Business School, INSEAD & HEC Paris, not to worry!

You can now access all the wisdom and advice from our conversation by viewing the webinar recording. You’ll come away with tangible advice and ideas for how to stand out in what is looking to be a record-breaking year for MBA applications to the world’s top business schools.

Your essay is the critical element that can convey your uniqueness and distinguish your profile in a sea of excellence. That’s why we created this series of four MBA Admissions Essay Masterclasses, featuring insider advice from 14 former gatekeepers at 14 top tier business schools. You can browse all four, one-hour strategy sessions on Fortuna’s YouTube channel.

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