Specialized Masters Packages
MiM and MiF

Specialized Masters Packages MiM and MiF (Master in Management and Master in Finance)

All MiM/MiF programmes are different, and so are the hoops you have to jump through to gain admission.

To stand out in a crowded pool of talented, pre-experience applicants you will need to go beyond a strong academic record and GMAT or GRE test scores to demonstrate leadership potential and the ability to create positive impact in the community.

Drawing on our expertise as former Directors and Associate Directors of Admissions at the world’s best business schools, including LBS, INSEAD, HEC Paris and IE, Fortuna’s flexible MiM/MiF Packages are tailored exactly to your target school’s specific admission requirements.

The bespoke nature of our MiM/MiF packages ensure we’re with you every step of the application journey. Your dedicated Expert Coach will work with you throughout the process, finessing your personal statement, brainstorming examples that showcase your skill set and maximizing your chances of admission.

For the highest impact, learn more about our MBA Start-to-Finish Packages, Fortuna's most popular services that take you through the entire application process.

Designed specifically for Early Career applicants and depending on your individual needs, your 6-hour Fortuna MiM/MiF package can include:

Career Goals

A compelling MiM/MiF application requires honest and thoughtful self-reflection. Working together, we’ll explore different industries, companies and geographies and make sure your short and long-term career goals are crystal-clear.

Essays and/or Personal Statement Editing

Showcase who you are now, and who you want to be in the future. Working closely with your Fortuna Coach you’ll discuss key messaging and best examples, then follow an iterative process as you draft and edit your written material.

Application Strategy

Decide how best to position your candidacy. Develop a clear story, a plan for mitigating any weaknesses, and a timeline for your plan of attack.

School Outreach Strategy

Each and every contact you make – whether by email or in person, and with admissions, students, faculty or alumni – matters. We’ll ensure you make the right impression, right from day one.

Recommender Strategy

Recommendations count. We’ll help you decide who to choose as your recommenders, and how you can prepare them to write an impactful and memorable recommendation on your behalf.

Resume/CV Support and Review

Your Fortuna Coach will work with you to prepare and fine-tune your resume. Highlight your academic strength, internships, team experiences and community leadership in one brilliant page.

Application Form Support and Review

MiM/MiF application forms can be more complicated than you think. Nail any tricky mini-essays posing as ‘short answer’ questions and make sure this vital part of your application doesn’t let you down.

Social Media Audit

What does your online presence say about you? From Facebook to Instagram, to LinkedIn and Twitter, make sure your profile presents a coherent and professional image.

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