Brittany Maschal

Brittany Maschal

Senior Expert Coach

Years of admissions experience


Credentials Highlight

Former member of Admissions teams at Wharton, Princeton & Johns Hopkins

"Brittany devoted an incredible amount of time and effort to ensure I put together the strongest possible application."

Brittany’s admissions career includes a roster of some of the most prestigious graduate schools, including those at Wharton, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins University. She has a straightforward coaching style that reflects her deep experience and expertise in the field of higher education and insight into the workings of MBA, JD, and multiple MA admissions committees.

Brittany holds an EdD in Higher Education from the George Washington University and an MSED in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania. She works full-time as an admissions coach and has been part of the Fortuna team from the outset, working with MBA and joint degree applicants to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Kellogg, Booth, CBS, UCLA, and Yale SOM just to name a few.

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Q & A

What’s your coaching superpower?

Analyzing a candidate’s profile and helping them craft a unique narrative—the “story behind the story” presented on their resume. This almost always means getting both more personal and creative, especially for those candidates whose profiles are common.

Why are you passionate about coaching?

In getting to know an applicant's story and helping them see how their past experiences, both personal and professional, "connect" in many ways, I often witness "ah-ha" and "oh, I never thought about it that way" moments. It's these moments that are the most rewarding, and, thankfully, help many applicants reframe their thinking and start on the best path to telling their unique story as it relates to their application. And because every applicant is different, even if at first glance their resume might read otherwise, advising hopeful MBAs is always a creative, challenging, and therefore exciting process!

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