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Roadmap to the MBA

Considering an MBA? Join Fortuna Admissions’ free webinar for undergraduates, where our directors and former top business school admissions officers will share insider knowledge on whether an MBA might be the right path for you, and how to maximize your chances of admissions success. We’ll cover topics ranging from developing a school strategy, creating quality interactions with those schools, choosing recommenders, preparing your resume, and crafting a unique, thoughtful story via essays and interviews. We’ll also help you understand the timing of this complex, multi-year process. Participants will be invited to set up a free 30 minute strategy consultation 1-on-1, as a follow up to the session.


Judith Silverman Hodara, Fortuna Director & Former Wharton Head of MBA Admissions

Date: February 18th 2020        
Time: 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

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