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Former professionals at the very best global institutions. Outstanding school insight and expertise. Combined, the Fortuna team brings you first-hand insider knowledge from Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Duke Fuqua, London Business School, Berkeley Haas, Yale SOM, UCLA Anderson, Kellogg, NYU Stern, IE Business School, Virginia Darden and Johnson Cornell.

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Our dream team of 36 admissions insiders has more than 160 years combined admissions committee experience at top tier schools.

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Between us, we’ve reviewed over 200,000 applications and admitted over 57,000 students.

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Between us, we’ve reviewed over 200,000 applications and admitted over 57,000 students.


Last year our clients secured admission to all top MBA programs, including HBS, Stanford, INSEAD, Wharton, Kellogg, LBS, Chicago Booth, Columbia and MIT Sloan.

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MBA Admissions Consulting 

Applying to a business school is a stressful time. As the success of your efforts will literally change the trajectory of your future, it’s wise to consider deeply how you can put yourself in the best position to succeed.

As the competitiveness of the MBA applicant pool continues to skyrocket – especially among the most elite business schools – more people are considering MBA admissions consulting services to gain valuable insights on how to navigate the application and best position their candidacy, along with the mistakes to avoid. 

But what kind of return can you expect on your investment? And what can an MBA admissions coach offer to applicants? 

Read on below to discover what MBA consulting is, what benefits it can offer, and whether our top MBA consultants at Fortuna Admissions are the best fit for you..

What is an MBA Consultant?

When you’re planning to apply for an MBA, you want to have all the vital  information. And while there are many helpful online resources, it’s invaluable to have someone with direct MBA admissions experience to examine your situation and provide individual counseling.

That’s what the MBA admission counseling at Fortuna Admissions can offer.

Our team includes some of the best MBA admissions consultants in the country, who are former MBA admissions directors and senior admissions professionals from the world’s top business schools.

Taking advantage of this insider expertise is what MBA admissions consulting is all about. Instead of having to navigate  everything on your own, your MBA admissions coach will guide you through the application process, tailored to the schools that you want to target.

We can help with developing your goals and aspirations, editing essays, deciding on the schools to target, tailoring your MBA resume, or any other part of the application process. Our services will grant you access to business school admissions consulting services that have helped thousands of students get into their dream program.

Benefits of Hiring MBA Advisors

Since getting accepted by your target MBA program is such a high priority, you want to position yourself for maximum success.

But what exactly can MBA admissions consulting offer? Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits. 


As mentioned before, the primary reason why applicants seek out the top MBA admissions consultant services is the expertise and experience that they can offer.

At Fortuna Admissions, we have a team of knowledgeable consultants that can answer all of your questions, help you articulate coherent goals, lift up your unique differentiators, and put you in a position to succeed.


If you’re applying to multiple schools, navigating the process can quickly become overwhelming. But when you work with Fortuna admissions, we can help you find the most efficient way to move through paces. This includes helping you meet MBA application guidelines and providing guidance and a plan of action that has been proven to be successful to thousands of other applicants.


If you get stuck at any point during the applications process or just need guidance on any questions, our MBA admissions consulting specialists will provide you with objective and in-depth feedback on the best way to proceed.

Having someone knowledgeable on your side is an invaluable resource as it can help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize your return on investment of time and energy. 

Should I Hire an MBA Admissions Consultant? 

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of what MBA admissions consulting is and why hiring a business school admissions consultant makes sense.

However, should you hire one in your situation? Well, that depends on a few factors.

First, consider how familiar you are with the admissions process. Perhaps there’s someone in your life with experience in applying and getting accepted to a business school.

But even if that’s the case, seeking expert guidance from a Fortuna Admissions expert coach who is invested in your success and brings insights from behind the MBA admissions curtain offers real advantages. It’s just not the same as having your uncle offer armchair advice over coffee. 

However, at the same time, you should remember that the MBA admissions consulting services from Fortuna Admissions isn’t a done-for-you service. As the maxim goes, you’ll get out of it what you put in it.

That means that while we are with you every step of the way, you will need to write the application yourself. What’s more, we can’t guarantee an admit (and be very wary of anyone who does), but we will help you set realistic goals and put you in the best position to achieve your goals. 

So, no matter what MBA program is on your target list, or how far ahead in the process you might be, MBA admissions consulting can provide you with the critical boost that can make the difference at decision time.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

At Fortuna Admissions, we are passionate about providing the best MBA consulting services and helping aspiring students get into the school of their dreams.

If you want to learn more about our services, schedule a free consultation today. 

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