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Harvard Business School Interview Prep

Ace the Harvard Business School interview with guidance from a former senior member of the HBS staff. The HBS interview is famed for its specificity and intensity – from its 30-minute time limit to the post-interview reflection due within 24 hours. Not only are all interviews conducted personally by the Admissions Committee, it’s the only M7 school besides MIT Sloan where your interviewers will have read your full application.

In this HBS-specific prep package, you’ll learn the key differentiators that make the HBS interview distinctive, what its Admissions Committee is looking for and how to make the best possible impression with your limited time. We’ll also facilitate a post-interview debrief and brainstorm ideas with you for the written reflection.

Additional Interview Prep

Want more interview practice? Applying to multiple schools with different interview formats? Add a second mock interview and de-brief session.

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