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Harvard Business School Interview Prep

The Harvard Business School is like no other. With a 30-minute time limit and a required post-interview reflection due within 24 hours, the HBS interview is famed for its specificity and intensity. 

All interviews are conducted by members of the Admissions Committee, and it’s also the only M7 school besides MIT Sloan where your interviewers will have read your full application. HBS also pairs candidates whenever possible with an interviewer who has experience in the field you’re coming from or moving into. 

You  can be sure that your interviewer will have prepared specific questions for you based on your career past and/or future. With so much riding on those 30 minutes, you need to be ready and at the very top of your game. 

Fortuna can help. Sign up for our best-in-class HBS interview prep package and prepare to ace the HBS interview with individualized coaching from a former senior member of the HBS staff!

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“[Fortuna Expert Coach] Malvina is simply the best coach you can have to advise you during your interview process. … not only she will give you the best mock interview practice, but she will also help you build confidence during this challenging process, which is key to help you show the best version of you during the real interview. I am going to HBS in August and I couldn’t be more grateful to Malvina.”
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