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Fortuna’s Deep Dive Analysis covers 95% of HBS & 85% of GSB admits to the Class of 2020. You can access that info by downloading our exclusive reports below. Led by Fortuna founder and GSB alum Matt Symonds, our team’s meticulous research identified and analyzed the academic and professional backgrounds of 353 of the 419 students in Stanford GSB’s Class of 2020, along with 893 of the 930 members of the HBS Class of 2020. All told, we believe it’s the most detailed analysis of these two fairly secretive schools ever published. In doing so, we discerned the specific feeder colleges and employers, actual job titles and undergrad majors of each class. Given the sample size, our results are statistically significant and reliable. Please enjoy, and share your feedback at anytime:

In this groundbreaking 37-page report, our team scours the backgrounds of the Harvard Business School class of 2020 to find out which undergrads they attended, where they worked, along with other details. If HBS is front of mind, this is info you’ll want to know. Download the report below to learn about the professional and academic backgrounds of 893 HBS admits.

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Stanford Graduate School of Business is the most selective in the world, and our research shows that more than 1 in 3 GSB candidates went to an Ivey undergrad. Find out more stats on who makes up the class of 2020 by downloading the report. In this 23-page research paper, you will learn more about the feeder colleges and companies that make up this cohort, and get a better idea of where you might fit it.

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