MBA Admissions Director's Evaluation

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MBA Admissions Director's Evaluation

Nearly ready to submit your application? Are you confident you’ve done all you can to maximize your chances of admission? Submit it first to a Fortuna Admissions Director for a comprehensive review. We have personally evaluated tens of thousands of applications for top business schools. And then we’ve made the admission decisions – so no one else is better positioned to tell you how your application will be judged and give you tangible feedback to strengthen your candidacy.

We will:

  • Give you our expert opinion on how the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application package
  • Provide feedback on how to improve your application
  • Edit and polish your essays
  • Ensure your content is compelling and your case for admission clearly articulated

For the highest impact, learn more about our MBA Start-to-Finish Packages, Fortuna's most popular services that take you through the entire application process.

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