MBA Rejection Rebound Strategy

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Rejected MBA Applicant Strategy

Unsuccessful in your MBA application? Wondering why and what to do next? As business schools very rarely give any feedback at all to rejected applicants, it’s common to feel at a loss as what to do next – especially if you have no idea if you were on the borderline of acceptance or far from hitting the mark. Figuring out what next steps to take can be challenging if you don’t know why you were unsuccessful in the first place. Work with a Fortuna Admissions Director to maximize the learning from your rejection and move forward with confidence.

We will:

  • Provide a candid assessment of your entire application package

  • Analyze your interview experience, if relevant

  • Provide you with an expert opinion on the most likely reasons for your rejection

  • Help you develop a strategy for successful reapplication in the following admissions cycle – including whether you should reapply to the same school, and/or which other schools you should target

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