MBA Waitlist Strategy

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MBA Waitlist Strategy

Finding yourself on the MBA waitlist is a bittersweet result. You’re a highly eligible candidate, but will you or won’t you get selected for a spot in the incoming class?

Being stuck in this limbo situation can be seriously stressful. Use our experience managing waitlists and interacting with waitlisted candidates, and get top tips on how to potentially tip the balance in your favor.

During two hours of coaching support we will:

• Review your application package for one school

• Debrief with you on your MBA admissions interviews and provide you with our assessment of the weaknesses of your candidacy

• Work with you to craft a strategy for improving your chances of being admitted

• Give you advice on the “dos and don’ts” of communicating with the school during this critical period

We will also make ourselves available to you for additional or ongoing coaching support on an hourly basis.

For the highest impact, learn more about our MBA Start-to-Finish Packages, Fortuna's most popular services that take you through the entire application process.

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