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Fortuna clients enter the schools of their dreams. Last year, our clients secured admission to all top 10 schools. Just like the year before. And, the year before that. And the year before that. Not only are they gaining admission, they are winning fellowships and scholarships.
Plus, Fortuna scores five out of five stars in our reviews on GMAT Club Forum and Poets & Quants.


Wharton '26

"When I began the MBA application process, I spoke with 8 different advisors. Ultimately, I felt Fortuna was the best choice for my consultant & I am happy I chose them. Fortuna coaches have the full package – impressive backgrounds, articulate and goal-oriented, calming, encouraging. I’m fortunate to have worked with Fortuna for almost a year between Round 1 & 2. Fortuna took an overwhelming process with many parts (career vision, LOR, essays, etc.) and made it easy for me to go step-by-step until I finished 3 applications. They kept me on schedule and provided meaningful advice on how to showcase myself in the best possible light. Because of Fortuna's help, I’ll be starting at Wharton this summer!"

Admitted to: Wharton


Fuqua '26

"Emma has been monumental in the success of my applications - admits from Kellogg, Tuck (40K scholarship), Fuqua (80K scholarship) and LBS. Due to being late in the application process, high cost of admissions consulting and a general lack of direction, I was quite overwhelmed till even a few weeks before the application deadlines. Emma proved to be a knight in shining armor who brought that much needed direction with her expertise in the process which is otherwise a black box. She was so diligent and methodical in reviewing the essays and storyline. Even with the time crunch and last minute notices, she was able to take something raw and help make it into a strong story. From essays to job description to video essays, the perfectionist in her sharpened every aspect of the application to make it holistically attractive to the Admission committee."

Admitted to: Kellogg, Tuck, Fuqua, LBS


Booth '26

"I came to Fortuna without a clear understanding of the application process and a jumble of ideas and thoughts on what I wanted to say in my essays and do in my career. They helped organize my thoughts, which not only helped my application but also helped me look inwards and recognize what my goals / capabilities are in my career. Fortuna makes you feel accepted and supported throughout the process. I felt like they were in the trenches with me and emotionally invested in my future. It was a great working with Fortuna. Their contributions added a lot of value and I think the value of the service was well-worth the cost. I was admitted into Booth and Wharton MBA programs."

Admitted to: Booth and Wharton


LBS '26

"I consider myself incredibly fortunate that I got to collaborate with Fortuna as my admissions consultants. Their expertise in this field is truly exceptional, and I can confidently say that my achievement wouldn't have been possible without this guidance. They have an outstanding work ethic and consistently went above and beyond what I expected, in terms of both time and effort. I'm immensely grateful that I trusted my instincts and selected Fortuna because not only did I get accepted but I received a scholarship as well on the only program I applied to - LBS Sloan."

Admitted to: London Business School


UVA Darden '26

"With Fortuna's help, my application spoke authentically to who I am and my aspirations. Despite initial stress due to a less-than-ideal GMAT score, Fortuna's guidance allowed me to secure admission to three out of four schools in round one, with competitive scholarship offers at two. Ultimately, I will be attending UVA Darden in the fall. Engaging with Fortuna was a transformative experience, and I consider myself fortunate to have had them as my MBA consultants."

Admitted to: UVA Darden


Columbia '24

fortuna admissions

"I worried that my lack of relevant business experience meant I had to aim low. My Fortuna coaches helped me to mold my application in a way where my left-field work experience became a boon and not a hindrance. They took what I thought were weaknesses and turned them into strengths, and convinced me that telling my story honestly and fully was more interesting than just giving the Admissions Committees what they wanted. The best applications reflect people, not achievements, and it was with this holistic outlook that Fortuna gave me the confidence to attack my applications with conviction. I was accepted to Columbia and Kellogg, and I can't wait to attend my first-choice school in New York next year."

Admitted to: Columbia and Kellogg


MIT Sloan '25


"The team was extremely professional and informative; they know their field. They spent a lot of time with me understanding about my journey in life and guided me to pick up the right stories. My coach has a great attention to detail and was able to pick up the insights that even I didn't know about me. I found the whole process to be very reflective. I got accepted by MIT Sloan and I don't think I could have made it without Fortuna."

Admitted to: MIT Sloan


Wharton '25


"Fortuna uses its intimate knowledge of the business school admissions process right from the moment they match you with a team of two admissions consultants who have once been "insiders" at your dream schools. Fortuna consultants are incredibly generous with their time and attention at every step of the process. Their help is particularly invaluable in terms of deciding one's "positioning" and the specific hook on one's essays. I will be attending Wharton this fall with an exceedingly generous scholarship!"

Admitted to: Berkeley Haas and Wharton
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