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Fortuna clients enter the schools of their dreams. Last year, our clients secured admission to all top 10 schools. Just like the year before. And, the year before that. And the year before that. Not only are they gaining admission, they are winning fellowships and scholarships.
Plus, Fortuna scores five out of five stars in our reviews on GMAT Club Forum and Poets & Quants.


LBS '19


"With an average GPA, and over 30 years of age, most admission consultants considered me an “unfavorable” MBA candidate. However, working with Fortuna helped me to capitalize on the unique aspects of my story. They are proactive, details-oriented, supportive, and genuinely resourceful. I always found their feedback sessions to be exceptionally useful and practical. I have met over 10 admission consultants who are either MBA graduates from top schools, or self-claimed admission experts. Both groups told me useless stuff. You need someone who knows the admission process and can confidently show you the real tips and secrets of your target school. Thanks Fortuna for the dedication and professionalism. You made my dream come true!”"

Admitted to: London Business School


Chicago Booth '19


"Fortuna was amazing during my unique process. I originally started to work with them back in 2015. When starting the application process, I was hoping to improve my GMAT score. Unfortunately, I did not get my dream GMAT score. Instead of recommending to still apply in 2015, my Fortuna coaches both advised me to get my GMAT score up and then apply. I really appreciated that candid answer from them because they definitely could've led me down a different path. I eventually got the score I needed and worked with them on a fast track to hit R1 deadlines. They pushed me to put forth the best application and showcase my authentic self (instead of just writing what I thought the admissions wanted to hear). I am proud to say I got into my dream school and I could not have done it without Fortuna!"

Admitted to: Chicago Booth




"As a film producer with a background in PR, I knew setting my sights on the top MBA programs in Europe was going to be a challenge. Working with Fortuna is the single best decision I made before applying and I would strongly encourage anyone looking to apply to an MBA to choose Fortuna. Their collective experience working on the inside of the world’s top business schools, their keen insight into the specifics that will make candidates stand out, and their meticulous process in crafting applications, is truly a winning combination. For me, it resulted in the best possible outcome."

Admitted to: INSEAD, Cambridge Judge, Oxford SAÏD


Kellogg '19


"I made the mistake of not using Fortuna the first time I applied to business school (and believe me, it was a mistake – I did not get any acceptances). If you're applying to business school, don't make the same mistake I did. When I decided to reapply, I was weary of using another firm given the experience I had. However, Fortuna proved right away how they would be extremely valuable. Even before I signed on, my coach spent significant time and effort discussing with me the ins and outs of the application process and my background. Fortuna will help you find your voice and put your best self forward on applications. As I was a re-applicant, my Fortuna coach took a lot of time to review all my applications and identify where I could improve my second time around. Her analysis was excellent, evidenced by the fact that I am beginning at my dream program this fall."

Admitted to: Kellogg and UCLA Anderson
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