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MIT Sloan Interview

The MIT Sloan interview is unique among the US schools and requires extensive preparation. Applicants invited to interview at MIT Sloan are not only expected to answer behavioral-style questions, but they are also required to respond to two pre-interview questions. The first requires the candidate to write a 250-word essay on diversity and inclusion. The second requires the candidate to create a “data visualization” slide and to write (another!) 250-word essay explaining how it helped the candidate to make a data-driven decision.

In this MIT Sloan-specific prep package, your Fortuna Coach will help you shine in your MIT interview. You will have a prep session where you and your coach will brainstorm essay and data slide approaches and choose your best options. Your coach will advise you on the best way to prepare for the behavioral interview and supply you with sample questions from real interviews. Finally, your coach will review your entire application (which your interviewer will have done) and conduct a mock interview with feedback. You will be fully prepared to ace the MIT Interview!

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