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Fortuna Admissions Harvard Business School MBA Deep Dive Analysis

What does a Swedish world rope-skipping champion, Obama Foundation chief of staff and reality TV star from CBS’s Survivor: Ghost Island have in common?

They’re all MBA candidates in the Harvard Business School Class of 2020, where 9,886 applicants vied for one of 930 spots. The rope-skipping champion is also an entrepreneur who worked at Deutsche Bank. The Obama Foundation staffer was also a senior business analyst at McKinsey. And the reality TV star is also a Harvard-trained lawyer and BCG financial analyst. (Aside: He’s not the only classmate with the reality TV distinction; another competed on the Discovery Channel’s Girl Starter.)

As reported in my related article for Forbes, it’s not surprising that some 21% of admits to the HBS Class of 2020 worked for a top three consulting firm and 26% had a finance profile. But you’d be wrong to presume that only MBB or a top investment bank position will help you make the cut for HBS.

You can major in geography at the University of Georgia before winning a peacebuilding award as Generation US Fellow. Then there’s the Chinese biologist and product innovation researcher for a global candy brand who is also the mother of a five-year-old.

Our deep dive into the HBS Class of 2020 provides a wealth of previously unpublished insights into what the HBS is looking for, which I summarize in Forbes. Similar to our Deep Dive Analysis of the Stanford GSB Class of 2020, my Fortuna colleagues executed a feat of labor-intensive research to canvass the LinkedIn profiles of last year’s incoming class. In doing so, they identified the educational and professional backgrounds of 893 of the 930 candidates – a 96% sample size that represents the most extensive analysis ever published.

Request a copy of the full deep dive summary report

If you’ve already explored our topline analysis in Forbes, we invite you to request a copy of our full deep dive summary reportwhich includes a scrupulous level of detail, such as:

  • Educational and professional backgrounds of 893 candidates (names omitted)
  • Roster of all 254 universities represented with number of admits, plus breakdowns by country
  • Breakdown by sector and firm of admits across over 70 financial, consulting and tech firms

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