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About The School

When a business school ranks #1 in BusinessWeek and The Economist, and #2 in Forbes, many hundreds of MBA hopefuls will apply to the school in the hope of securing their place in one of the world’s best business schools. But Chicago Booth is not for everybody.

An integral part of a university that is very clearly focused on research, including the free market theory developed by the famous “Chicago School”, Booth thrives on a culture of inquiry and innovation. The Admissions Committee is looking for individuals who like to challenge conventional wisdom, and thrive in situations where they take the lead in solving problems.

The MBA program sets itself apart by having a total flexibility in its curriculum. The school assumes that a graduate student knows what he or she is looking for in an MBA, and enables students to specialize in the areas that will help them pursue their future business life. This philosophy is a driving force of Chicago as a whole, and extends to the faculty, who are left to choose their pedagogical methodology. Chicago Booth is for students who know where they are going, are ready to go a step further in their chosen discipline, and want to be challenged with the theories and ideas of tomorrow

Strengths And Specializations

Finance, Economics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Strategy

Incoming Class

Number of Applicants:4,160

MBA Class Size:582


Post-MBA Careers

Sector:Financial Services 30%; Consulting 33%; Technology 17%; Consumer Products 5%;

Top Recruiters: McKinsey, Amazon, BCG, Bain, Accenture, Morgan Stanley

Avg salary: $126,937

Salary Increase: 110%

Employment in 3 months: 95%

MBA Rankings 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
BusinessWeek 1 1 3 2 4 4
Financial Times 9 12 12 10 9 9 8 9
Forbes 3 2 6 7
The Economist 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2
 Us News  5  5  4  6  4  4  2 3


Avg. Age: 28

Avg. GPA: 3.6

Avg. GMAT: 730

Int’l Students: 36%

Female Students: 40%

Deadlines for 2017-18: R1: Sep 21, 2017, R2: Jan 03, 2018, R3: Apr 03, 2018

Sources: Chicago Booth, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, US News, MBA50


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Chicago Booth values individuality because of what we can learn from the diverse experiences and perspectives of others. This mutual respect creates an open-minded community that supports curiosity, inspires us to think more broadly, take risks, and challenge assumptions. At Booth, community is about collaborative thinking and tapping into each other’s different viewpoints to cultivate new ideas and realize breakthrough moments every day.

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