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Fortuna’s Free MBA Consults Are Different: Here’s Why

Free consult
“You treated me like a person with an impactful story instead of a number.”

“You really heard my concerns about applying to Harvard with a low GPA and a rough patch at work, helping me see a path through the noise in my head to a successful plan of action that got me back on track.”

“You believed in me when I was at my most vulnerable and showed me where my profile truly shines.”

“You took an extra 10 minutes at the end of the call to fully answer my questions when I had been abruptly cut off on calls with other firms.”

These are typical of the feedback we receive from our free MBA consults, which are known as the most high-touch, personalized, and authentic in the consulting industry for a reason. We don’t have a separate sales team here at Fortuna that pressures you to purchase our services. Instead, our free MBA consult team is full of coaches who have worked with clients themselves, as well as our cofounders, who also regularly take calls with prospective clients.

When you’re making a significant financial investment in a coach and a consulting company, we believe you deserve to get our full attention from the first time we interact. Applying to an MBA program is a significant undertaking involving careful planning and strategic decision-making in which a “cookie cutter” approach just won’t cut it. The first step is to sign up for a no-cost, no-risk conversation with one of our experts, which is a great opportunity to see Fortuna coaching in action and also get coaching match recommendations so that you secure the ideal consultant for your engagement with us.

There are many benefits you can get from your free MBA consult, including:

Insights and Personalized Feedback

Your free MBA consult will be conducted by an experienced Fortuna Admissions consultant who possesses in-depth knowledge of the MBA admissions landscape and has a track record of client success. We offer individualized insights and tailored advice in this call based on your unique background, career goals, and academic history. We are less concerned with the name of the company you work for than the sum of your experiences and what makes you tick as a person. You won’t meet a more engaged, curious, and thoughtful consult team in the industry.

Clarity on the Admissions Process

MBA admissions can be daunting, with various hoops to jump through, from the GMAT or GRE to written applications to videos and interviews. During your free consult, we will demystify this process and help you to understand the role that each element plays, advising you on what you need to do and when so you are better equipped to formulate a structured and manageable plan, as well as the optimized version of your candidacy that will get and keep the admissions committee’s attention.

Understanding Fit and Compatibility

Not all MBA programs are created equal, and finding the right fit is crucial for your future success. In the free consult, we can discuss your career ambitions and personal preferences and recommend programs that match your needs. Our goal is to ensure that you apply to schools where you are most likely to thrive both academically and professionally.

Getting the Most Out of Your Free MBA Consult

Give Us Details 

When filling out your free MBA consult request form, make sure you share all relevant information about your academic and professional background and goals. You can trust that it will remain confidential. On the call itself, let us know about any past difficulties or unique challenges you faced that may need to be addressed in your application. Every detail you share helps us zero in during our conversation on facets that are most important for you to consider when applying based on your unique background and story. What you share is kept confidential.

Prepare Your Questions

Ahead of the call, reflect on what would be most useful for you to get out of the discussion, and share this with your free consult coach. You can set the agenda for the call – we are here to answer your burning questions. Here are some examples of topics that we frequently discuss on free MBA consults

  • Given my profile, which schools do you suggest I apply to? 
  • What are my chances of admission to my target schools?
  • When should I apply to business school? 
  • Is my GMAT or GRE good enough or do I need to retake? 
  • How will my target school view a weakness in my profile (e.g., a low GPA, a resume gap, being unemployed)?
  • Are my career goals realistic?

Ready to Start Your Free MBA Consult?

Are you ready to start your Fortuna journey with the best free MBA consult in the Industry? Book your free MBA consult now and gain actionable advice that will put you on the path to MBA admissions success. We predict it will stand apart from any other consults you do.

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