New GMAT Features Set to Launch in July

July 15, 2015 | by Matt Symonds

With MBA applicants getting ready to apply to business schools for next year, there are a few important changes about to take place regarding the GMAT test. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®), several updates will be made to help streamline the exam experience. GMAC arrived at the decision to introduce these three changes based on feedback from GMAT test takers and the changes will be effective starting July 19th, 2015. We feel that it’s helpful to see changes being made that positively impact GMAT test-takers and help ease some of the anxiety and concerns associated with the exam.

No reference to cancelled scores will appear on any score reports

– In the past when applicants decided to cancel a score, a “C” was still shown on their score reports. With this new change, no indication of any cancelled score will show up on any materials sent to business schools. This new feature will also affect previously cancelled scores so it will be retroactive. If a candidate has already sent score reports with any cancelled scores prior to July 19th then unfortunately this new change will not be in effect.

– In a survey of more than 3,000 individuals, 85% of those who responded were in favor of removing a “C” from any score reports, indicating that a score was canceled. Hopefully this new change will give test-takers more confidence and fewer reasons for concern regarding any scores that they do not want reported.

Test-takers can re-take the exams after 16 days

– Currently test takers have to wait at least 31 days to re-take the GMAT, but with this change they can take the exam again after 16 days. With time constraints as an issue, especially around the time of b-school application deadlines, this new change provides applicants with additional flexibility. While we find that some candidates need to invest more time in GMAT test preparations to see significant improvements, sometimes a test-taker just has an “off” day or performs lower than expected, in which case a shorter timeframe to re-take the GMAT will be a big help.

– However, applicants cannot take the exam as many times as they would like since there is still a rule that they cannot take the GMAT more than five times during a twelve-month period.

Date of birth will be used to view score reports

– In order to facilitate the process of accessing their GMAT scores, candidates no longer need a separate authentication code to get their official scores. All they will need is their date of birth. With so many passwords and codes to remember, this change will no doubt be welcomed by applicants.

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