New Video on Insider Tips for Applying to INSEAD – from former Director of Admissions at INSEAD, Caroline Diarte Edwards

December 17, 2014 | by Matt Symonds

INSEAD is a top MBA program that stands out for several unique features, including its one-year format, which the school pioneered, and its strong international focus. Students attending INSEAD come from over 80 countries and there’s an equally diverse faculty body as well as large alumni base located around the world.

As a top-ranked business school, getting into INSEAD is highly competitive and the admissions process focuses on much more than just academics and GMAT scores. Caroline Diarte Edwards, INSEAD’s former Director of MBA Admissions, shares her advice on applying to INSEAD in Fortuna Admissions’ latest video, Insider Tips for Applying to the INSEAD MBA. Here are a few highlights from the video on the topic of how applicants are evaluated for admission.

In evaluating candidates at INSEAD, applicants are assessed on the following key criteria:

1. Academics – Admissions will be looking at candidates’ previous academic track record, the quality of their undergraduate institution, their GPA, as well as GMAT score and the breakdown between the verbal and quant percentiles.

2. Professional evaluation – INSEAD shares the belief that past performance is a strong indicator of future success so the school looks for candidates who have a strong track record of achievement at work and who have progressed rapidly. INSEAD will look at an applicant’s professional results and evolution, as well as how they are rated by their recommenders.

3.  International motivation – INSEAD is known for its strong global focus and the majority of INSEAD candidates have already spent significant time working or living outside their home countries. Admissions will evaluate each candidate’s international experience, however, there are some exceptions for applicants who do not yet have experience outside their home countries. Typically these exceptions are applicants coming from emerging markets where they did not have opportunities abroad but who can make a compelling case for their motivation to join INSEAD and to develop an internationally focused career in the future.

4. Leadership and Fit for INSEAD – The school is known for its globally-focused culture so Admissions looks for candidates who will adapt well to INSEAD’s unique environment. Applicants are evaluated on their interpersonal skills, team-working orientation, leadership skills, and extracurricular track record.

For more insider advice from Caroline, including when it’s best to apply to INSEAD and suggestions for career-changers, watch the complete video here.

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