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About IESE

With the option to do a 15- or 19-month MBA, IESE offers hands-on international business experience across five continents. You customize your learning with a choice of electives, internships, international modules and exchange programs. The focus is to create your own journey of a lifetime.

Beyond the entrepreneurship curriculum, students have the opportunity to do a summer entrepreneurship experience, working in project teams on either their own idea or someone else’s. Budding entrepreneurs would do well to investigate IESE’s impressive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Central to the learning experience in the IESE MBA is the case method. In highly diverse and international teams, IESE MBAs work through more than 600 cases during the program. Through the elective portfolio, students can choose from four concentrations: international business, finance, data analytics & digital business or entrepreneurship & innovation.

IESE emphasizes a people-centered, integrative and socially responsible approach to business, building on their values of professional excellence, integrity and spirit of service.

The Executive Simulation (EXSIM) program is also unique to IESE offering students an opportunity to live managerial situations with a corporate board, providing a real-life experience without the need to leave the classroom. Through interactive engagements with actual board members, including those from banks, trade unions, and corporate boards, participants gain valuable insights into board dynamics and enhance their ability to think on their feet.

Strengths and Specializations

General management, corporate social responsibility/ethics

Graduating Class of 2023

MBA Class Size: 350

Avg. Age: 29

Avg. Work Experience: 5.4 years 

GMAT Range: 580-750, or 545-715 under the Focus Edition 

International Students: 85% 

Female Students: 35% 

Tuition: €105,000

Post-MBA Careers (class of 2023)

Career Sectors: Consulting 47%; Finance 24%; Diversified Industries 20%; Technology 9%

 Avg. Base Salary: €99,500; Salary Increase: 139% (source: FT Rankings 2024)

Employment offered within 3 months of graduation: 94% 

IESE Rankings


Deadlines for 2023-3024: R1: Sept 19, 2023, R2: Jan 9, 2024; R3 Mar 21, 2024, R4: May 13-31, 2024 (rolling)


Career Goals Essay: What are your short-term and mid-term post-MBA goals? How will the IESE MBA program help you achieve them? (300 word limit)

Optional Essay: What would you like to highlight about yourself or your journey which may have not been captured in your application? (300 word limit)

Video Essay: There will be two video essay questions that you will be required to complete.

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