Our Insider Top Tips on Applying to Ten Top Schools – Stanford GSB

August 21, 2014 | by Matt Symonds

In our Fortuna Admissions series of top tips for applying to ten top schools, today we’re looking at Stanford GSB. Accepting only 6.5% of those who apply, it remains the most selective business school in the world.

Stanford’s MBA program is known for strengths in a number of different areas. Standout curriculum offerings include entrepreneurship, innovation, general management, and social enterprise; and with Silicon Valley on the back doorstep, a growing number of tech and engineering applicants are choosing the GSB over its East Coast rival, Harvard.

Fortuna’s Matt Symonds, author of the international bestseller “Getting the MBA Admissions Edge”, has some top tips for giving yourself the optimum chance of a place at this super-competitive school. To register and receive the full document and his remaining tips, click here:

Stanford GSB Tip #1 – Defining change

There are not many institutions that can get away with the tagline “Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world.” But Stanford might be one of them. So when it comes to defining your career goals, you should bear in mind that the admissions office is looking for individuals who are looking to have real impact, whether professionally or in society. As you think about your own post-MBA goals, include a longer-term view about the areas where you think you can bring about real change. Whether that means using technology to transform an industry, or influencing the agenda for social attitudes in a region of the world, your vision will carry far more weight if you can point to activities and commitments from your past and present.

Stanford GSB Tip #2 – Yield and the importance of fit

The admissions yield at Stanford GSB is second only to Harvard. With a relatively small class of around 400 students, the admissions team is seeking to build a very close-knit, supportive community. Successful applicants have the expected academic pedigree, stellar GMAT scores, and personal and professional accomplishments; they also have integrity, the ability to open up, be vulnerable, and grow in a supportive, yet challenging environment. Does that sound like you? Then share your story in a natural, genuine way.

Stanford GSB Tip #2 – Career goals

Pretty much all of the leading business schools can open the door to McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Goldman and Morgan Stanley. Only 19% of the Stanford Class of 2013 went in to consulting, and five times as many secured a place in private equity or venture capital as investment banking. 18% of the class is starting a new venture in the technology sector. The school likes you to dream big while demonstrating how your goals and vision are viable given your track record of achievement and excellence.

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