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What Makes Fortuna’s M7 Ignite MBA Application Workshop Tailormade for the Savvy Gen Z?

Gen Z, with their desire for autonomy, show a strong preference for learning at their own pace, in a modular way, picking and choosing what matters most to them. In a LinkedIn Learning Survey of 2000 Gen Z workers, 43% preferred this self-directed approach to learning. They like the freedom to be in control of the knowledge they want to consume and want to do so in their format of choice. 

The new M7 Ignite MBA Application Workshop lets you take control of your MBA journey, with its carefully curated and highly interactive sessions led by Fortuna’s best Admissions Experts. 


Using a different way to approach the process, M7 Ignite allows you to accomplish so much in 6 weeks. We have MBA style reversed engineered classrooms; read our pre-session materials and follow our homework templates to spark your personal reflection. This way you can get the most out of your Fortuna Coach during each 90 minute session. You can share Fortuna’s winning Specific Recommendation Guides with your recommendation writers,  and receive individualized feedback on your resume.  With Fortuna’s Asynchronous Career Vision Course,  discover your short term and long term career plans at your own pace, and with strategic essay writing guidance from a Senior Fortuna Director, develop your compelling MBA story.

Most importantly, we offer access to our extensive knowledge center with impactful school resources and a safe space to bounce ideas off of your peers!

We know from working with hundreds of students before just how daunting and confusing the MBA application process can be. Crafting an application that stands out enough to gain admission to your top choice school does not have to feel so challenging. 

Are you ready to light a fire under your MBA application process, and need some support in striking the match? Join our supportive group, led by former Gatekeepers of the World’s Best Business Schools. Let Fortuna help you shine brightly!

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