Should You Get An MBA Straight Out Of Your Undergrad?

December 07, 2022 | by Fortuna Admissions

Should You Get An MBA Straight Out Of Your Undergrad

Should You Get An MBA Straight Out Of Your Undergrad

Getting An MBA Straight Out Of Your Undergrad

After completing your undergrad degree, you have several options. While you could enter the workforce promptly after graduation, you could also pursue your MBA. Each option has its merits, as pursuing an MBA immediately after graduation isn’t for everyone. 

This article outlines the perks of pursuing an undergrad, so if you’re debating your options, continue reading to learn more!

Should I Get An MBA Immediately After I Finish Undergrad?

While the prospect of returning to school promptly after finishing their undergrad is unappealing to many students, it can be worthwhile in the long run. Pursuing an MBA right out of the gate is the best decision for some graduates, as it provides a powerful and flexible skillset and opens the door to more opportunities. 

Of course, this course isn’t ideal for everyone, so you need to evaluate your needs. Do you want to return to school immediately, or would you prefer to take a breather and gain work experience? If you answer no to the first part of this question, taking a break from school to focus on work experience that can bolster your chances of admission to an MBA program later might be your best option. 

On the other hand, if you have clear goals surrounding your career path, starting an MBA program promptly after finishing your undergrad might be best. An MBA can open the doors to various opportunities, including a higher salary and unique working experiences. 

Benefits Of Pursuing An MBA Immediately After Undergrad

Pursuing your MBA promptly after obtaining your undergrad degree can be the perfect solution, especially if you have a clear idea of your career path. Here are a few perks to starting your MBA right after graduation:

Streamlined Education

While a break from school might be the perfect remedy for burnout, it can make it trickier to return to school later. When you pursue your MBA immediately after completing your undergrad degree, you don’t lose the school-focused mentality. 

The longer you wait to return to school to complete your MBA, the more challenging it might be to restore this mentality. You may struggle to return to your groove of attending classes, checking off assignments, and acing tests. And you may end up juggling school and studies with family responsibilities, work, and other commitments.  So, if you’re of the mind to complete your MBA, it might be best to complete it shortly after your undergrad degree. 

Higher Earning Potentials

One of the most notable upsides to stepping things up with an MBA is the higher earning potential. According to a 2021 study, individuals with an MBA earned approximately $115,000, whereas those with a bachelor’s degree earned around $65,000. That’s a 77% pay gap! Over a lifetime of earnings (approximately 35 years), this gap can create a three-million-dollar divide between the two! Gaining the credential right away can put you on the fast track to higher earning potential.

Opportunity To Network

In the business industry, networking is essential. Building meaningful connections are a critical building block of a successful career, as you never know what doors may open through networking. 

In your MBA program, you’ll likely have various opportunities to network in the business world through multiple conferences, school events, and classes. On top of that, your instructors and MBA alumni may be able to aid in your networking journey by introducing you to various business professionals. 

These connections are invaluable once you complete your degree, as they can make it easier to find your dream job shortly after graduation!

MBA As The Sole Focus

If you decide to take a few years to collect working experience before going for your MBA, you’ll likely need to work while attending school. This could create the need to divide your attention between work projects and your school workload, which could detrimentally affect your work and academic performance. 

When you pursue your MBA immediately after obtaining your undergraduate degree, you can keep your focus solely on schooling. MBA programs typically incorporate a heavier, more challenging workload, so the ability to set everything aside and focus on school is beneficial. You’re more likely to perform well in school without distractions and stress from a working environment. 

How To Choose An MBA Program 

Once you decide to pursue an MBA, choosing a reputable program that fits your needs is crucial. Here are a few key factors to consider as you sift through your options:

  • Browse for programs with an engaged alumni network: Experience is essential when seeking a job after graduation, so if you’re unable to accrue work experience before graduation, a program with an engaged alumni network can be beneficial. This can open the door to multiple opportunities for informational interviews, job shadowing, and internship opportunities, which reflect ambition and dedication to your field. 
  • Consult your admissions counselor for referrals: You may find it helpful to ask your admissions counselor for referrals to alumni who followed a similar path. These individuals have experience completing an MBA program immediately after graduation, so they can offer insight and advice that may guide you in your decision. 
  • Search for an in-person program: According to a 2021 survey, a considerable chunk of corporate recruiters stated their organizations prioritized and valued individuals from in-person programs as opposed to online programs. 
  • Look for programs that incorporate work opportunities: As you sift through your options, pay attention to programs that offer embedded work opportunities. Practical experience is integral to your post-college work experience, as the lack thereof can create a disadvantage. So, look for programs incorporating practical projects, including consulting projects or field consultancies. 

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Should You Get An MBA Straight Out Of Your Undergrad

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