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How to Get Your MBA Loans Forgiven


By: Shannon Vasconcelos, guest writer and Director of College Finance, College Coach If you’re considering a post-MBA career in the public sector, you may have heard about the prospect of loan forgiveness. Enticing as this may sound, the hard truth is that most MBA recipients will, in fact, need to repay their student loans due […]

LBS & INSEAD: Q&A from a Live Strategy Session with Admissions Insiders


By Caroline Diarte Edwards There are a lot of good reasons to consider an international MBA. For one, five of the top 10 schools in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2017 are European programs. At the same time, unique factors abound when crafting a winning application. Two directors from our team of former MBA admissions […]

6-min Vlog: How to mitigate a weak GPA or GMAT score


If you’re worried about low GRE or GMAT scores or GPA, there are still a few things you can do. This 6-minute conversation between Fortuna Director Caroline Diarte Edwards and Expert Coach Jessica Chung, former UCLA Anderson Associate Director of MBA Admissions, explores strategies for mitigating or fixing a lower-than-desirable academic record.   View the Full Transcript: Caroline: Hello everybody, my […]

Maximizing US Tax Breaks When Financing an MBA


Getting an MBA is expensive. You may be able to defray the cost of business school by taking advantage of one (or more!) of the following tax breaks.

7-min MBA vlog: Is Age Just a Number?


Transcript Judith: I’m Judith Silverman Hodara, a founder and director at Fortuna Admissions, which is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm. So excited to have with us today Cassandra Pittman. Cassandra has both an MBA at Columbia Business School, has worked as an Assistant Director at INSEAD, as well as admissions officer at London Business […]

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