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Executive MBA vs MBA: 5 Key Differences

May. 24th, 2021 | by: Bill Kooser

As the MBA degree becomes more popular and competitive, an increasing number of schools are offering an alternative in the Executive MBA (EMBA). As opposed to a traditional fulltime MBA, the EMBA is designed to appeal to working managers with significant experience. Both are general management degrees. Where the MBA is an immersive, full-time experience, […]

financing MBA


May. 21st, 2021 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

The best time to start planning your MBA financing is before you apply to business school. After all, you’re committing to one of the biggest financial investments you’re likely to make at the same time you forego an annual salary. On average, this means giving up approximately $200,000 in earnings while paying about the same […]

Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Essays for 2021-2022: Tips & Strategy

May. 21st, 2021 | by: Karen Ponte

Cambridge Judge released its deadlines for the 2021-2022 season, with round 1 on Sept. 6, 2021. Along with INSEAD, continues to evade the business school trend of fewer MBA essays, requiring your thoughtful response to no less than four required questions. Yet its word counts are deceptively slim – beyond the first question which allows […]

London Business School Essays for 2021-2022: Tips & Strategy

May. 20th, 2021 | by: Emma Bond

Whilst London Business School won’t officially open its MBA application until August, the school has already announced that there will be no changes to its two long-standing essays. As former Senior Manager of MBA Admissions at LBS, I believe that very best versions of Essay One will give the Admissions Committee insight into what has […]

Harvard Business School

HBS Essay for 2021-2022: Tips & Strategy

May. 13th, 2021 | by: Karla Cohen

Harvard Business School was the first top school to announce MBA application deadlines for the Class of 2024 last week (round 1 on Sept. 8). It also affirmed that its singular essay question remains intact: “As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the […]

10 Tips to Apply for a Specialized Masters in Business (MiM, Mfin, MSMS & more)

May. 5th, 2021 | by: Matt Symonds

Over the past few years, my Fortuna Admissions colleagues and I have witnessed a surge in interest for specialty masters degrees across a variety of business disciplines. On the heels of our CentreCourt Specialized Masters Event last month, I hosted a live conversation with Poets&Quants editor John A. Byrne alongside my Fortuna Admissions colleagues and […]


How To Increase Your GMAT Score: Tips from Test Prep Experts

Apr. 26th, 2021 | by: Matt Symonds

Securing a competitive and well-balanced GMAT or GRE score is imperative for maximizing your chances of admissions success to the top MBA programs. Though MIT Sloan and Darden are among those that have introduced a test-optional policy, you’ll still need to nail a great score if your target list includes HBS, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS, […]

The Power of Giving Thanks in the MBA Admission Process

Apr. 6th, 2021 | by: Judith Silverman Hodara

I still have the thank you note from the first student I admitted to Penn in 1990 (pictured here). It means a lot to me. Then, because it allowed me to see that I was someone that students could trust. And now, because it reminds me how powerful it is for the person across the […]

Why Now Is A Good Time to Pursue An International MBA

Mar. 29th, 2021 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

If your shortlist of business schools doesn’t include a European program, it should. There are several distinctive advantages to pursuing an international MBA, particularly in Europe. From the impressive ROI to peerless global leadership experience, more candidates are taking notice and targeting the international MBA. European schools have maintained strong appeal, even during the global […]

IMD Essay Tips & Strategy for Career Questions

Mar. 24th, 2021 | by: Karen Ponte

IMD offers a one-year, globally focused MBA program located in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The program places strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, globalization, and digitalization while fostering a close-knit, collaborative community. The school cultivates leadership skills from day one through the Leadership Stream and encourages peer- and experiential learning alongside one-to-one coaching. […]

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