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perfect 800 GMAT

How to Get a Perfect 800 GMAT Score

Feb. 8th, 2022 | by: Marty Murray

Many people wonder how to score a perfect 800 on the GMAT, and often they hear that scoring 800 will not help their MBA applications or is virtually impossible. However, while I agree that business school admissions officers generally don’t view an 800 GMAT score much differently from how they view, for instance, a 770 […]


INSEAD To Welcome Lower GMAT Scores

Feb. 7th, 2022 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

News abounds on the topic of ever-higher GMAT averages among the world’s top business schools. As P&Q reported recently, 20 schools saw double-digit average GMAT gains in 2021. This includes a 5-point jump for Stanford GSB, which boasts a record-setting 738 average. Both Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan have a 730 average, which for […]

5 Top Tips: Reapply to Harvard Business School

Jan. 26th, 2022 | by: Karla Cohen

The first question I am usually asked is, “What did I do wrong?” after an MBA applicant is rejected. Don’t assume you did anything wrong – it could be you applied from an overcrowded sector and/or demographic. Check your assumptions and solicit feedback but be careful not to fall prey to hindsight bias. Just because […]

global mba tips

7 Tips for International MBA Applicants

Jan. 19th, 2022 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

How we present ourselves and others is influenced by our culture, and these differences invariably impact your MBA candidacy. For example, a British applicant whose understated style makes her reluctant to boast in the MBA essays, versus an Indian – for whom tenacious self-promotion was frankly critical to his success, but whose tone could be […]

MBA free consultation call

How to Maximize a Free Consultation Call with an MBA Admissions Consultant

Jan. 17th, 2022 | by: Judith Silverman Hodara

Throughout the year, we speak with thousands of prospective MBA applicants who sign up for a free consultation to gain support and advice on the MBA admissions process and assess their chances of admission to the top business schools. At Fortuna Admissions, we take great pride in these calls and in making these connections, because […]

man holding lightbulb

5 Tips to Show Leadership Potential in the MBA Application

Jan. 14th, 2022 | by: Matt Symonds

Are you applying to an elite business school this fall? If so, the most important thing you can start doing now is to cultivate your leadership potential. From Harvard to Haas, the MBA admissions office wants to better understand your leadership potential – how you have led a team project, mentored others, created positive impact, […]

Start Early MBA application

How to Maximize Your MBA Application Process Now

Jan. 13th, 2022 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

Making good on a New Year’s resolution that’s truly life-changing takes both courage and introspection. If yours is to apply for an MBA this year, you’ll also need time and personal investment to maximize your chances of admissions success. If you’re hoping to apply to one of the world’s most competitive business schools this fall, […], Fortuna Admissions, HBS Interview

How to Ace the HBS Interview: An Insider’s Advice

Jan. 4th, 2022 | by: Karla Cohen

This year, all Harvard MBA interviews are held virtually with a member of the Admissions Board. Here’s what HBS is looking for, along with seven top tips to make the best possible impression on video. The Harvard Business School interview is a search for authenticity – the admissions committee is looking to verify that you’re […]

How to Get Into HEC Paris

Jan. 2nd, 2022 | by: Brendan Kramp

HEC Paris was crowned the top European business school for the third straight year by The Financial Times in 2021. Last year’s graduates garnered the third highest median base salary ($168,436) of any international program, with a 118% percent increase. With its approximately $116,500 tuition fee, the FT also noted that HEC is one of […]

mba application advice

MBA Application Advice: 5 Must-Dos Before You Hit Submit

Dec. 14th, 2021 | by: Caroline Diarte Edwards

The single most important thing you can do when you hit submit on your MBA application is to be confident that it’s the very best reflection of you and your candidacy – no matter which admissions round you’re targeting. Having reviewed thousands of applications during my career in MBA admissions, as head of Admissions at INSEAD […]

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