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Supercharge Your Application with New M7 Ignite Application Prep Course

MBA M7 Admissions Prep Course

Applying to an MBA program—especially a top-ranked, highly competitive one—is a complex, multistep process. Crafting a standout resume, prepping to ace the GMAT or GRE, sharpening your career vision, shaping essays that tell your story, strategizing recommendations that play up your strengths — it all can be more than a little daunting.

And before all that, you need to be able to offer a clear and convincing answer to the fundamental questions each school will ask: Why an MBA? Why now? Why here, at this school?

M7 Ignite, Fortuna’s new application preparation course, illuminates every step of the admissions journey with expert advice that will propel you to success.

This rigorous six-week online program is designed to give prospective students a jumpstart on their application, with in-depth group sessions focused on every key aspect of the process. It’s an efficient way to learn what business schools are looking for in each element and how to make your admissions materials shine—without hours of solo research.

You’ll get a starter kit of Fortuna application materials, with assignments before each session designed to spark the self-reflection and insights that will fuel the story you’ll tell to showcase your strengths and goals. In six hour-long online sessions, you’ll tap into a wealth of knowledge and insider insights from our coaches, with an additional 30 minutes each week to ask questions.

Each session will feature one of Fortuna’s Expert Coaches who will bring their years of experience to focus on a particular element of the application, while one of Fortuna’s founders, Matt Symonds or Judith Silverman Hodara, will host and synthesize the strands of the discussion. All this is available for just $995.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for students who are just getting started in the process to learn about the ins and outs of how to apply, hearing from the best in the business who have been coaching MBA applicants successfully for a decade,” said Hodara, former Acting Director and Senior Associate of MBA Admissions at the Wharton School. “You’ll be able to talk with Emma Bond about resumes or with Karen Hamou about how to do the deep reflection that is necessary to write a compelling essay. These are all people who have worked extensively in these areas and are excited to share their knowledge.”

The virtual course starts with an overview of the MBA application process and how you can stand out in a competitive field. Subsequent sessions focus on:

  • Your career vision: Refining your response to “Why an MBA, why now, why school X?”
  • Recommendation letters: Strategies for getting effective letters
  • Essays: How craft compelling, personal and authentic stories that will make your essays stand out
  • Resume: Keys to helping your resume pop
  • Online application: How to optimize the online form

Three courses are currently on offer, starting May 10, June 14, or July 12. At the end of the course, participants will be well on their way to putting together a confident and competitive application.

“I look at it like going to the gym and getting a trainer who will work with you for six weeks and put you on the path that will get you in great shape,” said Hodara.

And if these initial group prep sessions reveal the need to build up more strength in some areas, participants can upgrade to a full individual Fortuna MBA coaching package, with the full cost of the prep course deducted from the package fees.


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