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How To Say More With Less In Your MBA Application


This year we’ve seen a continuing trend of reductions in word limits and essay questions across MBA programs, creating limited space for you to communicate your strengths, potential, and values to adcoms. With such limits, where do you begin?! What should you focus on? And how much should you write? Your challenge is to say more with less.

How To Ace (Or Fail) Your MBA Video Essay


This year, more than ever, business schools are including video essays as part of their application process. While each MBA will ask varying questions and allow for different lengths of time for your answers, at the core of the video essay is the opportunity for adcoms to get an authentic and unscripted outlook regarding your personality, passions, maturity, and motivations. Read this article to help you prepare for your video submissions.

Why You Should Apply To London Business School


Why it is a good time to apply to London Business School.

Wharton Adds an Essay Question to their MBA Application


Read Judith Silverman Hodara’s (former Wharton Admissions Director) take on Wharton’s new MBA essay question for the upcoming admissions cycle.

INSEAD Introduces Video Component to MBA Application


INSEAD’S MBA Program recently announced some changes to the admissions process for the September 2017 and beyond, adding a new video component asking 4 questions and dropping 1 essay on cultural diversity.

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